About Us
Meet Dr. Martineau...
Dr. Martineau with her
husband, Javier, and her two
dogs, Pogo and Twelvie
Dr. Joann Martineau is a graduate of the University of
Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  She has been
practicing Small Animal Medicine and Surgery for 7 years.  
Two of those years were dedicated to Emergency Medicine in
Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Martineau recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with
her family.  Dr. Martineau is married and has one daughter.   
Her family also includes two dogs and three cats.  

As a family person, Dr. Martineau wanted to offer veterinary
services that are convenient without sacrificing the best
possible medicine.  The Visiting Veterinarian Mobile Service
PLLC offers patients a wide complement of services while
still being personal and professional.  Not to mention, your
pet may actually
enjoy veterinary visits!  At least, that is our

Of course, as with ourselves, sometimes a visit to the
hospital for an emergency or an illness is inevitable.  In such
a situation, Dr. Martineau will be happy to refer you to the best
possible care in Charlotte.  Furthermore, when your pet is in
the hospital, Dr. Martineau will not hesitate to follow up on
their care and speak with you to ensure that you understand
the difficult decisions you may be making regarding their