Services We Provide
Routine Veterinary visits, and even examinations on pets with
ailments, do not necessarily require a trip to the animal
hospital.  The Visiting Veterinarian Mobile Service PLLC can
provide a wide array of services right at your home!  Allergies,
ear infections, urinary infections, hot spots, parasites, thyroid
testing, management of diabetes... these are just a few of the
hundreds of conditions  that can be managed on an
outpatient basis.  With years of experience in Small Animal
Medicine and Surgery, as well as in Emergency medicine, Dr.
Martineau wants only the best in veterinary care for your pet.
Physical Examinations
Heartworm Testing and Prevention
Fecal Testing and Parasite Prevention
Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Bloodwork and Laboratory Services
Prescription Medications
Outpatient Treatments
End-of-Life Solutions
Call For a
House Call