The Visiting Veterinarian  
 Mobile Service PLLC
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The Visiting Veterinarian is a mobile practice serving
Charlotte, NC as well as Matthews, NC and all of Union

Have you ever struggled with several pets in a hospital
waiting room?

Is your pet car-sick or difficult to get into a car or pet

Do you bring your children as well as your pet to veterinary

Is your pet fearful at the veterinary hospital?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you would
prefer the convenience of a house call veterinary visit, then
call The Visiting Veterinarian Mobile Service PLLC.  
Martineau offers a full range of veterinary services at home
make medical visits easier for you and your pet.
The Benefits of a House Call
No need to transport your pet - no accidents,
no scratches, no stress
No "run-ins" with other pets
No exposure to sick animals
Multiple Pet Discount! It is easy for the Doctor
to examine all your pets at one time rather
than requiring several trips for you
Call For a
House Call

Charlotte, NC
and the